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Vasectomy does not cause prostate cancer, research shows













Does vasectomy cause prostate cancer? Recent research denies connection.

Research published in the October 5th 2016 edition of the British Medical Journal puts to rest the debate on vasectomy as a risk for prostate cancer. This multi-center study conducted in Canada evaluated the outcomes of 326,607 men aged 20 to 65 who underwent vasectomy from 1994 – 2012. Outcomes measured both the frequency and severity of prostate cancer in vasectomized men versus non-vasectomized men. Bottom line: after adjusting for other risk factors for prostrate cancer, vasectomized men had neither increased frequency nor severity of prostate cancer when compared to men who had not undergone the procedure.

Vasectomy is a relatively minor surgical procedure with few complications. Indeed, compared with the comparable surgery in women – tubal ligation – it is far less complicated and does not require general anesthesia, which is a substantial risk in any surgical procedure requiring its use. Tubal ligation is also much more expensive. And here is another plus; contraceptive effectiveness can be established by performing a semen analysis a few weeks following the vasectomy to ensure the success of the operation!

It is estimated that 33 million women worldwide depend on their partner’s vasectomy for contraception, according to the authors. This definitive research provides evidence that vasectomy is not a risk factor for prostate cancer and should be considered front and center for couples desiring safe, effective, no non-sense permanent contraception.

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